About Cool Flow Industries

Cool Flow Industries offers custom welding fabrication & machining services, including product development services to inventors, businesses or individuals who need help with their projects. The company was founded in 1971 and is still operated by the same ownership in Houston, Texas. We offer technical and creative assistance to clients who need design assistance in the creation of their product, or structural repair of equipment, machinery and castings.

We offer a variety of welding processes including TIG and MIG welding, gas brazing. X-Ray qualified to ASME Section IX & AWS D1.1 Code 2010 standards on stainless and carbon steel pipe. We also weld various alloys including hastelloy, monel, inconel, titanium, stellite, nitronics 50 & 60, and aluminum.

Cool Flow Industries offers turn-key jobs that require the use of precision water jet, wire EDM, and CNC machining, tool and die work, high speed punch press, roll forming, water jet cutting and much more. Our company has worked with customers throughout the Houston area for over 42 years, and we have built a strong working relationship with many companies and individuals.

We offer hydrostatic leak testing services on the pressure vessels that we manufacture. But, another one of our specialties is the leak testing of mobile air conditioning systems. We refer to it as the “combo-method.” It includes the use of an inert gas & chlorine trace agent, which is far more effective in locating slow leaks than by the use of fluorescent dyes. So far, we have performed over 40,000 of these high pressure tests with amazing success.

Industrial & Commercial Applications

• Repair of Castings (cast iron, cast steel, cast aluminum, and bronze)
• Workstations and controls for liquids, gases and chemicals
• Skid-mounted diesel fuel/water separators for barges
• Drag-line or Crane cable yokes
• Forklift booms
• Highway construction A-frames for tying re-bar assembly

Residential Projects

• Custom table bases for granite furniture or counter tops
• Designer furniture in steel, brass, copper and aluminum

Automotive Applications

• Custom and rebuilt air conditioning hoses
• Rebuilt power steering hoses • Fittings • Brackets