General Welding

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Climb Safety Training Mock-up

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A local climb safety training company hired us to design, build and install safety rails, ladders, escape hatches, windows and an interior overhead trolly system to create a training mock-up using 20-ft shipping containers. They wanted to simulate the structural conditions that off-shore workers would experience on an offshore drilling rig. Oil & gas companies, the petrochemical industry, and those who work off-shore, or who climb tall towers are in need of safety compliance training to satisfy insurance and OSHA requirements.


Conveyor Systems

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Here is an example of a large conveyor system frame rail. The finished product will be later equipped with motorized rollers and belt that will be part of an assembly line in a chemical manufacturing plant.


Tractor Roof & Accessories

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This job consisted of building a protective roof for a small tractor used for re-planting trees. It included a roof rack for weed eater, and tool storage box that also served as a rear seat.